Senator Online

Senator On-Line is Australia’s only Internet based democratic political party.

Senator On-Line is not aligned to any other political party… it is neither Liberal nor Labor.

Senator On-Line (SOL) is a truly democratic party which will allow everyone on the Australian Electoral roll who has access to the internet to vote on every bill put to Parliament and have its Senators vote in accordance with a clear majority view.

Your Voice Direct in Parliament

Not aligned with any other organisation, Senator Online (SOL) is non profit and an Australian registered political party.

This is the pre election website. SOL’s post election website will enable everyone on Australia’s Electoral Roll to vote (free) on important issues and every Bill put to Parliament, with SOL senators voting as you (the majority) direct.

Democracy through Technology

Using the internet we can return to a system of representation that reflects your true positions on important issues. It’s a revolution — taking back power from the Australian politicians, special interest and lobby groups and putting it back where it belongs:In your hands – Now We Can!

Senator Online candidates contested the 2010 Federal election. Click here for the SOL 2010 Election Wrap

Explore our site to find out more about this historic new concept and how you can help.

Political History

1843 – First Parliamentary election. Men with £200 freehold allowed to vote.

1856 – Secret ballot first introduced and most men over 21 years allowed to vote.

1895 – Women over 21 years first allowed to vote.

1906 – Postal voting available for the first time.

1949 – Aboriginal people allowed to vote at Federal Elections.

1998 – Introduction of computerised scrutiny of senate votes.

2001 – A virtual Tally room on AEC website.

2007 – Senator On-Line becomes Australia’s first political party offering citizens the possibility to vote directly on Senate bills.

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