Below are endorsements from people who support Senator On-Line:
simple concept, about time
Reg Young (NSW)

easy access to independent information, that will be great
Pamela Atkins (QLD)

a great balance to the vocal minority
Ruby Lohman (VIC)

party everyone can have a say on every issue
Tony Halpin (WA)

imagine a party not driven by individuals political views, how good would that be
Ralph Thompson (TAS)

Ultra democracy. Yeah! – Chris Lofts, Concerned citizen, VIC
Chris Lofts (VIC)

I consider this an exciting development and an important use of the internet’s communicative power to create new, and enhance existing, democratic processes – Dr Ian Cook, Politics and International Studies, Murdoch University, WA
Dr Ian Cook (WA)

I would like to congratulate the organisers of Senator On-Line for this endeavour. At a time when many Australians seem to be disheartened with the processes of formal politics, a project that encourages greater interaction, scrutiny and debate is welcome – Dr James Arvanitakis, PhD. Honours Coordinator, Member of the Ally Program, Humanities and Languages, University of Western Sydney
Dr James Arvanitakis (NSW)

Senator On-Line pushes the boundaries on traditional political practises. I think it’s a very interesting and refreshing decision making concept – Linton Scott, IT Specialist, NSW
Linton Scott (NSW)

Yes, I will vote for SOL. SOL provides the opportunity to keep up with what our politicians are doing, and also to have some influence on how they exercise their vote. We readily criticise our political representatives, but in fact we only have ourselves to blame – David Lamont, Farmer, NSW
David Lamont (NSW)

Sounds like SOL could be a voice of the future and realistic way to get youth involved in politics. The way forward – Jacqueline Chartres, TV Presenter and Sports Reporter, NSW
Jacqueline Chartres (NSW)

i just like it because it facilitates and encourages political involvement and responsibility – Tim Bowes Lewis, Engineer, NSW
Timothy Bowes Lewis (NSW)

This breakthrough concept, which allows ordinary Australians to have a REAL say in our government’s decisions can only be described as “amazing!” – We will be able to participate in foru