SOL People

Berge Der Sarkissian: Senator On-Line FounderLike many Australians I am concerned that the majority view is often sidelined by a vocal minority, lobby groups or political deal doing.

Like many Australians I find it difficult to get accurate information on various issues.

This is a simple concept, to have the internet enable better communication between voters & politicians.

I hope Senator On-Line can make our government more progressive.


Zoe Lamont: CommunicationsZoe Lamont sees Senator On-Line (SOL) as a forward thinking initiative that will increase general political awareness and encourage Australians to play a part in our national decision making.

Following time overseas working as a volunteer on projects across Africa, India, Thailand and Fiji, Zoe returned with a new appreciation of Australia and joined the Senator On-Line party in the hope of promoting an ethic of personal responsibility as the basis of social policy – for positive change and progression in the future.

With a background in public relations, a passion for life, people and the land, and family from Wagga Wagga to Katanning, Zoe feels that SOL can provide a platform for independent discussion and a voice in Parliament for people all across Australia to be heard.

Ovid Boyd: Online DemocracyOvid joined Senator On-Line (SOL) in September 2008. He believes the internet has great democratic potential and is excited to be working with a party at the leading edge of democracy and technology.

Ovid is SOL’s eDemocracy guru, he has a master in Electronic Government and experience in electronic democracy research from around the world.

In the coming months, he will work towards making SOL a more active community. Feel free to get in contact with him to share your thoughts on bringing SOL together.

In addition to our small team, we have had many candidates join us in the last election and even more volunteers handed out pamphlets and talked to others about SOL. And of course, the thousands of people who voted for us in the last election!