SOL’s Purpose

What are the goals?

Senator On-Line’s goal is to bring Australian politics directly to the citizens.

How will we do this? We formed a political party, Senator On-Line (SOL), whose goal is to let you directly vote in the Senate. Each Senator of our party that is elected promises to directly follow the citizens’ wishes on each piece of legislation. Every Australian voter will be able to vote on our party’s website for or against a piece legislation, then each SOL senator will follow the results of the citizens’ vote. The diagram below sums up the basic idea:

For more about how this will work see the FAQ

How will the website work?

SOL is Australia’s first internet-based political party so the website will be crucial to SOL delivering on its promises. The current website is a pre-election site. The post-election site will be developed when a SOL candidate wins a seat in the Senate.

The SOL post-election website will provide:

  • Accurate information and balanced argument on each bill and every important issue
  • All those registered on the Australian Electoral roll, and have access to the Internet, will have the chance to have their say by voting on these bills and issues
  • A tally of all on-line votes
  • An easy and effective way to be directly involved in the political process