SOL Description

The SOL post-election website will:

  • provide accurate information and balanced argument
  • be secure and ensure one citizen/one vote
  • tally votes and determine the majority view

Access to accurate information and balanced argument

A list will set out:

  • all bills before Parliament
  • important issues facing our country

All bills in parliament will always be available. Additionally, members will be able to suggest an issue to be included as a current important issue. Issues receiving 10,000 or more endorsements will be included as current important issues. Issues will only be included if they are considered to be in a balanced format.

After selecting a bill or issue, the user will find:

  • a summary of the bill or issue
  • the unabridged version of the bill
  • the pros and cons of each bill or issue
  • our senators’ views
  • experts’ opinions
  • access to other citizen’ comments
  • the ability to comment on the bill

Experts’ opinions

For each bill and current issue presented on the site, the user will be able to read experts’ opinions (both for and against) about relevant points. To ensure the validity of an expert’s credentials the expert’s authenticity will be verified before any comment is available for consideration.

The Comment Forum

Poll members will be able to log a comment and endorse other comments on each bill and current issue. The user will be able to list all comments either by the most recently listed or the highest number of endorsements.

Security and Integrity

SOL poll member registration

Everyone on the Australian Electoral roll who has access to the internet will be able to register on-line as a poll member. Registration will be free. All poll members will then be able to vote, suggest an issue and have access to the Forum.

The poll member registration process will check the person’s full name, address and date of birth against the Australian Electoral roll. To verify that you really are who you claim, the banking system will be used. Similar to how paypal verifies your identity, tiny payments of a few cents will be made to a bank account under your name. If you can verify the bank account under your name is yours, you will receive a user ID and password to activate membership. This process will restrict people signing on as others and ensure that each person on the Australian Electoral roll has only one poll membership and therefore only one vote on each bill or issue in an automated and fairly inexpensive way.

Website security will be paramount.

Our highest priority will be to protect poll members’ details, the integrity of the information available, and the voting process. While no system can be 100% secure, we will use the best security practices available.

The voting system

Once a poll member signs on to the site, they will see the bills and issues they have voted on and those they can vote on now. This page allows a poll member to:

  • vote on a bill or issue
  • change their vote on any current bill or issue
  • review and alter the bills or issues they want to be notified about
  • suggest an issue
  • endorse another poll member’s suggested issue
  • join the forum
  • endorse comments from the forum

We will contact you for the issues that interest you

At registration time poll members will be asked which bills or issues they would like to be notified about by email. A poll member may receive notice on every bill before Parliament and all issues on the website or just those that interest that member.

The voting page

There will be a list of current bills and issues. Poll members will be able to vote or change their vote on each bill or issue.

The real-time status of the vote tally for all bills and issues, current and archived, will be available in the following formats: by total, state or territory, postcode, gender, and age.


To understand what the system might look like please see this mockup. (Please note the PDF is 3 pages long, scroll down to see the other pages.)